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Barbers Horley

Do you need to find a Barbers in Horley?

Do you need to find a Barbers in Horley?

At D.A.S.H Barbers Horley we maintain the highest of cleanliness and hygiene standards. This is very rare in the industry. We ensure that every cut done by our team is accurate, precise and not rushed. The overall environment is very relaxing and laid back.

What makes the team at D.A.S.H Barbers so great? We have ensured that only the top Master Barbers become our staff. The crew consists of fully trained Master Barbers. All barbers working here have at many years of experience or more. So if you are in need of a hair cut or traditional shave our Barbers in Horley should be your number one choice.

For a Barbers Horley contact D.A.S.H Barbers in Reigate today on 01737 669936

54 High Street

Telephone : 01737 669936
Email : awat@dashbarbers.co.uk