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D.A.S.H Barbers are a leading barber shop in Peaslake. We are serving in this profession for more than 12 years. We offer a stylish and relaxing men’s grooming service that is barbers shop Peaslake. We are dedicated to providing a high quality of service to every client that is barbers shop Peaslake. Making sure you look good and feel good. We are a “walk-in” service here that is barbers shop Peaslake. So come down when you are ready and take a seat. Located in the streets of Peaslake, we are delighted to say that the people come from far and wide to have their hair cut that is barbers shop Peaslake. Whether you are looking for a traditional barber service or you want the latest trend to finish your look make sure you opt for the barbers shop Peaslake. We offer a memorable grooming experience. So, with us you can get a professional hair care treatment that is barbers shop Peaslake. From Hot Towel Shaves to Creative modern cuts and classic style, we like to think of ourselves as the best barber shop in Peaslake. We offer superb service at competitive price, a laid-back atmosphere, with excellent barbering. The shop is located in the streets of Peaslake, residents can easily reach by visiting D.A.S.H.

The service that we provide:- We offer a wide range of service ranging from traditional haircut to latest style haircut. We offer throat shave with hot towels and other services such as massages and sun beads.

Enjoying life, sport and socializing can take its toll on us. However, by using great products and keeping it simple you can limit that. That is why we use reputed quality product which leaves you feeling great that is barbers shop Peaslake.

Choose us because of our highly experienced staffs:- All our staffs are highly experienced in barbering and are fully qualified, offering all types of modern and traditional styles in relaxed atmosphere. If you are looking for the very latest trend in hair styling and state of the art technical innovation, then look no further than D.A.S.H Barbers. You will find that the emphasis is on traditional, stylish gentlemen’s hair dressing, a real barber shop experience that is barbers shop Peaslake. We use clinically tested ingredients in our products to ensure a man’s skin is always on top form. Our traditional men’s grooming tools and products combine to fulfil the art of shaving and provide the closest wet shave you will ever have that is barbers shop Peaslake. Our men’s grooming range consists of the essential products to help you grow a beard, shape beard styles and maintain a moustache at home. D.A.S.H is finding that many modern men are appreciating the difference of a real barbers shop haircut where the specialist barbers are familiar with men’s grooming that is barbers shop Peaslake.

For a barber shop Peaslake contact D.A.S.H Barbers today on 01737 669936.

54 High Street

Telephone : 01737 669936
Email : awat@dashbarbers.co.uk