D.A.S.H Barber’s in Reigate

Barbers Shop Dorking

Are you in need of a Barbers Shop in Dorking?

Within just a short 10 minute drive you can find D.A.S.H Barbers Shop Dorking located in Reigate high street, We can provide you with a top class experience leaving you feeling satisfied that you made the right decision and guaranteeing you will be excited about returning time and time again.

With our friendly and helpful staff you will feel relaxed and at ease, able to sit back and enjoy the full experience that D.A.S.H Barbers Shop Dorking / Reigate are so famous for providing.

D.A.S.H Barber Shop Dorking/ Reigate specializes in all types of hair and styles giving back to the community and strengthening the neighbourhood to its roots by providing a traditional and first class service to everyone in Reigate, Dorking and all surrounding areas.

Our Barber Shop in Dorking / Reigate is a place, not only to get your hair styled by experts, but a place to put your feet up, talk shop, relax, and become part of the family.

We welcome you to experience D.A.S.H Barber Shop, where your style is our passion!

For a Barbers Shop Dorking contact D.A.S.H Barbers in Reigate today on 01737 669936

54 High Street

Telephone : 01737 669936
Email : awat@dashbarbers.co.uk